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JT Aultz, February 2015

Portrait shot for his interview in TransWorld May 2015 issue. I was shooting film with the Hassy, then some digital for back up. Then figured I'd shoot straight down at the viewfinder.  ...

Kenny Anderson, Nicaragua, 2011

Kenny got severe heat exhaustion skating a spot right before this. He was curled up in a ball unable to move. Once we got him some water and fruit, his ability to move slowly came back and he struck this Jesus pose. February 24, 2011,...

Ego Mob 2005

2005, the Ego Mob portrait used for the opener in Automatic Magazine. Love these kids. Rest in peace Michael Prince....

Stevie Williams, 2013

Lil Stevie. Shot in the TransWorld photo studio as part of announcing the Ashphalt Yacht Club team. More portraits coming from this day.....