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Ryan “Rhino” Wilson, Sydney, Australia. April 2015

Rhino and Josh Pall have this underground apartment in Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia. We had a fun night out with them and the Sydney crew and ended up there YouTube DJing rap videos on their projector. Rhino's a legend! Shot on my Yashica T4...

Grant Taylor, Tampa Pro 2015

Grant Taylor and DJ Wade at the Reservoir Bar in Ybor City. Tampa Pro 2015. Shot on my Yashica T4 which has a flickering flash before it fires which is why I think Grant is flipping me off.  ...

Erik J Pettersson, Molins De Rei, Spain. May, 2015

Not only an insane skateboarder, EJP is a masterful flamenco player. This day at Molins De Rei was too perfect—lounging in the grass at a perfect skate spot with food, friends, and music....

Badalona Beach Boy

This little dude was trying to sneak a peek at Street League on the beach in Badalona, Spain....

Barcelona Girls

Just a stolen moment at the train station on the beach in Badalona, Spain.  ...