Robert Wootton, nose manual. Brooklyn, NY. August 2014


Marius Syvanen, Cape Town, South Africa

Shot in September 2014 on a touristy drive from Cape Town to the Cape Point and back. Ran in December 2014 TransWorld as a Last Words.


Cody Lockwood, kickflip backside Smith grind. Orcas Island, July 2014

Shot on a Bones Wheels trip to the Northwest. Ran in December 2014 TransWorld for Cody’s Check Out.


Brad McClain, frontside kickflip the door at Orcas Island

Bones Wheels trip, summer 2014.


Mark Appleyard, nosegrind, 2013

Shooting a Day In The Life with Mark Appleyard for TWS on Valentine’s Day in 2013. We ended up and this popular ditch in Rancho Palos Verde with a mansion on the hill above us.


Greyson Fletcher, Washington Street 2014

Shot this earlier this year on a session at Washington Street with Tom Remillard and Greyson. Dude rips!


JT Aultz, Backside Nosegrind, San Diego, 2013


Spencer Prati, switch ollie. San Diego, June 2014


Ran in Sightings in TWS October 2014 issue.

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