Nolan Lively, 360 flip, Bankers Hill, San Diego

Was out shooting at a few spots around San Diego for the cover of TransWorld‘s Footwear Preview Issue. This photo wasn’t chosen so to the interwebs it goes. If you ever get the chance to see Nolan Lively skate in person, you’ll be stoked. 360 flip at the golden hour from John Lupfer’s balcony in Bankers Hill. Shot December 13, 2014.



Jordan Hoffart, backside lipslide, 2009

Shot for the cover of TransWorld Business. Got this back lip back in 2009 in Sorrento Valley and I’m posting today as it’s Hoff’s birthday!


Walker Ryan, backside nosegrind. San Diego, 2015.

While the numerous warm up tricks were going down, I snuck across the street and tried shooting from a different perspective.


Jimmy Cao, backside nosegrind pop in. 2013.

The classic Del Mar train ditch when the SweetMafia team was in town in 2013 filming for STEE.


Kenny Anderson, Nicaragua, 2011

Kenny got severe heat exhaustion skating a spot right before this. He was curled up in a ball unable to move. Once we got him some water and fruit, his ability to move slowly came back and he struck this Jesus pose. February 24, 2011, somewhere in Nicaragua.


Brad McClain, low to high noseblunt-slide. Tigard, Oregon. July 2014

Brad McClain killed it on this Bones Wheels trip. However, an hour or so after this he broke his ankle trying a NBD transfer at this park.


Brendon Villanueva, Boneless Lipslide. Detroit, Michigan, August 2014


Cruising through downtown Detroit with Brendon and Chase Webb while we were all in town for the Zumiez Best Foot Forward finals contest. Brendon did about 5 tricks on this rail in 5 minutes. This boneless lip was right as the security guard was running up to kick us out. A few hours after this was taken Brendon won the contest, also doing a b0neless lipslide in one of his runs.

Robert Wootton, nose manual. Brooklyn, NY. August 2014


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