Chris Russell, crail air. Tigard, Oregon, July 2014.


Ben Raybourn, frontside crooked grind to fakie. Orcas Island, July 2014

Another one from the Bones Northwest trip that didn’t make it to print. Ben is insane.


Ben Raybourn, roll in, Seattle, Washington, July 2014

First try roll in at Jimmy Hendrix’s High School in Seattle.


Ben Raybourn, backside ollie, Bellingham, Washington, July 2014

Warming up/cruising the Bellingham, Washington skatepark on our Bones Northwest trip. Ben did a couple of these backside ollies casually. He’s good.


Chris Russell, boneless, Orcas Island, July 2014

This one ran as the opening spread of the Par For The Course, Bones Northwest Adventure article in TWS, January 2015 issue. Video here.


Nate Greenwood, Smith grind. San Diego, January 31, 2015

The rainbow was too intense to pass up shooting a cheesy photo in front of it. Truth be told, my flashes were set up to shoot a trick on a different part of the bank, that’s why the lighting is so harsh and unbalanced. Oh well, double rainbow dude.



Nolan Lively, 360 flip, Bankers Hill, San Diego

Was out shooting at a few spots around San Diego for the cover of TransWorld‘s Footwear Preview Issue. This photo wasn’t chosen so to the interwebs it goes. If you ever get the chance to see Nolan Lively skate in person, you’ll be stoked. 360 flip at the golden hour from John Lupfer’s balcony in Bankers Hill. Shot December 13, 2014.



Jordan Hoffart, backside lipslide, 2009

Shot for the cover of TransWorld Business. Got this back lip back in 2009 in Sorrento Valley and I’m posting today as it’s Hoff’s birthday!


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