JT Aultz, Backside Nosegrind, San Diego, 2013


Spencer Prati, switch ollie. San Diego, June 2014


Ran in Sightings in TWS October 2014 issue.

Tom Remillard, Celebration Patron, Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa. September 2014


Wild Rhinos On Safari. Kimberley, South Africa. October 2014


So epic to these up close. The horns were removed to protect them from poachers.

Marius Syvanen, cannonball. Cape Town, South Africa, September 2014


Bob Patrol!

Josh Zickert, no comply, NYC. August 2014


Just a fun ass day cruising the city.

Nelson, Bertlemann, NYC


Just met this dude, don’t even have his last name (will update asap). Nelson busted this Bert and it ended up being one of my favorite photos from my most recent NYC trip.

Tom Remillard, Toronto, Canada 2014

Tom Remillard Portrait

Tom Remillard shot in June 2014 on the roof of our hotel in Toronto, Canada while in town for CONS Project Toronto. It ras as a Last Words in the Sept 2014 issue of TWS.

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